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12. Sadness through the Valley: "Yea, though I walk through the valley" (v. 4a)

Psalm 23:4a March 14 Continuing from yesterday, Adrian Rogers said of the literal valley located in Israel called "The Valley of the Shadow of Death"
“...But over the centuries (a river) has cut a ravine, a chasm, if you will, a little Grand Canyon, in those Judean hills.It starts up there and it flows down, down, down, down, down 1300 feet below sea level to the Dead Sea.This ravine, this canyon, is called the valley of the shadow of death because it is so narrow that at the bottom in some places it’s only about 12 feet wide. …” A shadow can be threatening, even scary, but in all reality a shadow has no substance. In fact, the very presence of a shadow means that somewhere, there is a light.

There is a little word at the beginning of this verse, in the King James is “yea” and no it is not a cheer like “yea, team!” (I believe that would be “Yay, team, anyway.”) The word in Hebrew is equally short, GAM, and is also translated as “moreover” or “even still.”
So, after my Shepherd …