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11. The Sake of His Reputation: "for His name's sake" (verse 3c)

Psalm 23:3c March 12 Why do parents get so much pride and joy out of their children and now I am finding out of our grandchildren? True I raised them, but they are the ones who are studying, working, succeeding and yes sometimes stumbling (of course that’s when they become Melissa’s kids!). And yet I enjoy their joys and am sad at their sorrows. It’s in the fine print or even the unwritten part of the contract, I suppose, of being a parent (wait! There’s a contract?!). 

So it is and so much more in being a child of God. What I do as a sheep of my Shepherd reflects on His name and His reputation. True, He is holy and nothing I do adds to or takes away from His holiness. But how I obey is just as related to His name’s sake just in the same way that when our children do well, I feel honored and when they are not doing well, I feel burdened. 

That’s why the Shepherd leads me on righteousness paths: For HIS name’s sake. For me, obedience restores my soul, but it is for His glory. “For… Your …