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7. The Submission to His Rule: "He leadeth me" (verse 2c)"

Psalm 23:2c
March 7
Martin Luther wrote, “Of all the figures that are applied to God in the Old Testament that of a shepherd is the most beautiful. (T)he sweet word shepherd…brings to the godly…a confidence, a consolation or security, like the word father. A sheep can only live through the help, protection, and care of its shepherd. As soon as it loses him, it is exposed to dangers of every kind, and must perish, for it cannot help itself. The reason is, it is a poor, weak, silly creature. But weak creature though it be, it has the habit of keeping diligently near its shepherd, of depending upon his help and protection; it follows wherever he leads, and, if it can only be near him, it cares for nothing, is afraid of no one, but feels secure and happy, for it wants for nothing.”

The Leading Shepherd.  My Shepherd knows how to lead. He gets in front of me, never leading from behind. John 10:4 “And when he put forth his own sheep, he goes before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know…