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4. The Satisfaction: With Him, what do you lack? Without Him, what do you have?

Psalm 23:1b:  I Shall Not Want
March 4

Baptist pastor F.B. Meyer said of Psalm 23 “Come hither, weary ones, restless ones, heavy-laden ones; sit down in this cool and calm resort, while the music of its rhythm charms away the thoughts that break your peace. How safe and blessed are you to whom the Lord is Shepherd! Put down this volume and repeat again, in holy reverie, the well-known words to the end, and see if they do not build themselves into a refuge on which the storms may break in vain.”

A little girl was quoting from memory the 23rd Psalm, but did not quite get it right: “The Lord is my shepherd, He is all I want.” She may not have gotten it verbatim but she did capture the heart of David, “He is all I want.”
When I come to the Lord as my Shepherd, I am satisfied in Him. I may lack material things, I certainly will not be perfect, but I can find contentment in Christ, not because of material fullness but in spite of my lacking. Jesus said it also on the Sermon on the Mount, “Bless…