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1. Set between Suffering and Sovereignty

Part 1a:  Introduction to Psalm 23
March 1      All this month, we will be looking at perhaps the most beloved psalm in all of the Bible, the 23rd Psalm.

1.Lesson One: The Setting:

Between the Suffering Christ of Psalm 22 and the Sovereign Christ of Psalm 24 is the Shepherd Christ of Psalm 23. Of this psalm, Martin Luther said, “Of all the figures that are applied to God in the Old Testament, that of a shepherd is the most beautiful. It brings to the godly, when they read it or hear it, as it were, a confidence, a consolation or security, like the word father.”

The Shepherd’s psalm is nestled between Christ’s suffering and sovereignty, providing that confidence and consolation Luther wrote about. When you look at this psalm, you find the feelings of suffering, but also a song. That is a picture of the caring shepherd. The good shepherd knows about the wounds of life, wounds you may think, “These will never heal up.” 

But the fact that Christ has suffered as seen in psalm 22 is proof that …