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The best way to get even!

Psalm 35:15-28         February 5Which would you rather be, vindictive or vindicated? When we are wronged, we have a desire to be vindictive and hurt those who have hurt us. That is understandable. It is what we see in the Old Testament. We not only want to get mad…we want to get even!
However, we Christians are under obligation to follow the New Testament. The call of Jesus is not for Him to get on our side, but rather for us to get on His side. The resurrection allows us to see things from a heavenly perspective. We don’t have to win every argument. We don’t have to retaliate against our enemies. We do not have to defend ourselves if we are on God’s side.
We were told to turn the other cheek by the very man whose beard was plucked out of his own cheeks. Jesus told us to give our shirt and cloak, and then stripped down barebacked to have his own flesh flailed. We are called to go the second mile, following the man who walked to his own execution, carrying his cross until he could car…