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Praise and sing, God is over the circumstances

Psalm 33 February 2 Although not mentioned until the last two verses, trust and hope figure prominently throughout this Psalm. Yesterday, Melissa and I made a new month’s resolution and it reminded me of how the new year offers such hope for the upcoming days and yet already many resolutions have fallen by the wayside.
Maybe for you it was exercise, eating better, being nicer, reading the Bible through in a year. Like the Psalms, our lives seem to go through times of hope and trust and times of despair, sometimes on alternating days. Happiness is fleeting, but placing our joy and faith in God will give us the most rest (33:8).

Unlike the previous psalms, this psalm is not ascribed to David, but the message is the same. The writer is happy and singing in his heart, but not because of the circumstances. Don’t let your failures in your resolve make you doubt God’s resolution for you!
I rarely greet people with “how are you doing?” in the hospital. Yesterday, I accidently greeted someone like…