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God Novels From Galveston -- Mike

“You are sort of a free agent, then.”

I said this to Mike after he told me he had been raised a Buddhist but had abandoned his faith even before he left his native country of South Vietnam. He looked at me for a moment and then he understood I was speaking about his lack of religious affiliation, then smiled broadly. “Yes, I am a ‘free agent.’”
His accent was still thick but his comprehension of English was sharp. He came to America more than 40 years ago, shortly after the fall of South Vietnam to the Communist north. “Mike” was not his native name but he had wanted to adapt to his new country, so he picked the name.
It was late afternoon when Adrian and I came across him. He was sitting in a beach chair low to the ground and the only way I could sit even lower than this small-statured man was to sit directly down on the gray Galveston sand. We conversed a few minutes about his journey to America, his successful career and now his retirement and his family he was vacationing with.