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'Twas the night before Christ was born

'Twas the night before Christ was born
by Tim McKeown

'Twas the night before Christ was born and all through the land
A tax was decreed for every child, woman and man...
Everyone went to his city. Joseph and Mary were there
In Bethlehem the city of David, with her child she would bear

Joseph, a just man, was all snug in his bed
When a dream of an angel came into his head
“Joseph, son of David, fear not when you wake from this nap
to take Mary as your wife despite all the flap:

For her Child conceived is of the Holy Ghost.
You shall call him JESUS, who shall save to the uttermost,"
So away to Bethlehem they went like a flash,
Without a place to stay and with very little cash

Now in the same country, shepherds were abiding in the field,
keeping watch o’er their flock by night, which was calm and still
When what to their wondering eyes should appear
The angel of the Lord, and they were filled with such fear

The glory of the Lord shone round about them that…