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Have you been there in prayer? Have you seen it in worship? Eyes closed but not so tight to hold in the joyful tears, hands raised, or maybe kneeling or even prostrate on the ground? The music really doesn’t matter. I have heard worship with the latest praise and the oldest hymns. I’ve seen worship in African dance, in Gaelic melodies, by youngest children to oldest saints.

I’ve opened my eyes after silent prayers, only to be disappointed that I was not in the throne room of heaven. I’ve even been so overwhelmed by God’s presence that I’ve literally fallen backwards in a brother’s house in Laguna Vista, Texas, and fallen on my knees in snowy drifts of Glorieta, New Mexico. I have danced at three in the morning, cried streams at the altar wondering what others must have thought, sat soberly and silently, meditating on a skilled pastor preaching his heart out, knowing that I would be forever changed by his words. I’ve laughed beside my grandmother’s casket, and wished my wife’s mother go…