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Friday: Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Climbing from mercy to purity
The climbing of the stairs of the beatitudes is not only stepping up for the requirements of the “blesseds” but also for the rewards. What that means is not only is it a greater challenge to seek to be pure in heart (5:8) than it is to be merciful (5:7), but the rewards also increase. We are comforted, but even better we shall inherit the earth. Better yet, we shall be filled with the righteousness of Christ by faith. Greater still, we shall receive mercy because even the righteous still need mercy. But what could be greater than that? Seeing God!
In the Old Testament, seeing God was a thing to be feared, because “no man can see God and live” (Exod. 33:20). Yet several did see God, including Moses, Isaiah, and Job said he knew that he would see God (Job 19:26, which also supports the resurrection). Seeing God was feared, yet an honor without parallel. 
Who has a pure heart?
“Well you know my heart,” some will say. Oh no I don’t! Jer. 17:9 says, “The heart is …