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Key Principle #15: Prayer

It is important to remember the importance of prayer. Suppose Peter had not been praying at Simon’s house. Apparently Peter was still so prejudiced that God had to show him a vision three times about what He has proclaimed as “cleansed”. Had Cornelius not been in prayer, he may not have heard God either.      It is not surprising that that the Gentiles were able to be brought into the Christian community as a result of prayer, since the outpouring of the Holy Spirit came in Acts 2 as a result of the disciples staying in Jerusalem and praying.      Have you ever noticed the church was born as a result, not of preaching, singing, fellowship, witnessing, but as a result of prayer? As they were praying, the Holy Spirit fell down on them and the church was born. Do you recall what incensed Jesus when the money changers were in the temple? It was because, as He said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” In Acts chapter four, Peter and John are arrested and beaten and then released. …