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Revelation: an unsealed book

Revelation, An Unsealed Book by Timothy McKeown Introduction, Part 1
1. The Setting of Revelation: PHYSICALLY: The Island of Patmos, around 95 A.D. PROPHETICALLY: Heaven, and the future earth. Written around 95 A.D. on the Island of Patmos, the book of the Revelation is not a book of mystery but an unsealed book of prophecy (Rev. 22:10), intended to explain to those reading the things which John had seen, the things which were happening at the time, and also things which would occur in the future. While a very few have theorized that Revelation was written during Nero’s persecution, the very temperament of the seven churches do not fit that time period.
2. The Scribe of Revelation: John According to Rev. 1:1, 4, 9; 21:2, 8, Revelation is written by John. How do we know this is the Apostle John? Virtually all ancient church fathers writing after the conclusion of the New Testament testify that it was penned by the Apostle John, the beloved disciple. The first record we have that John, t…