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Revelation: Unhidden

Introduction, part 2
3. The Subject of Revelation: Jesus Christ As we study Revelation, we are only going to get to verse one. In fact, we are only going to really study the first three words of the Revelation. And the emphasis will really be on the first word. So you may go away from this and tell others that it is going to be a long study in Revelation, because Bro. Tim taught for 45 minutes on the first word. It will be a long study. a. The Subject of the Revelation is Jesus and it is not hidden By its very title, the book of Revelation is not a book which is to be hidden, obscure or mysterious. In fact, it is meant to be read openly and in so doing it is to be a blessing to both the reader and hearer. The opening words of the book-- “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”—clearly state that this book is to be unveiling and revealing and uncovering, but even these very words are often obscured and subject to interpretation to their true meaning. Does it mean Jesus Christ is going to reveal so…