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Revelation: Unveiled

Introduction, part 3
3. The Subject of Revelation: Jesus Christ (continued) b. The Subject reveals Jesus, both as the Lamb of God, and the lion of judah Since much of the book is presented by those other than Jesus Christ Himself; that is, through visions and by angels, I believe that the opening words “the revelation of Jesus Christ” means that this final book of the Bible is the revealing of Jesus Christ Himself and not the revealing by Jesus Christ. Had we all of the books of Scripture, save this blessed and prophetic book, the unveiling of the Son of God would have been incomplete. If we only had 65 books in the Bible and 26 New Testament books, what would we know of his quickly approaching return? More than anything else, John received and wrote the contents of the book of Revelation to unveil the faithful and true and fulfilling appearance of Jesus Christ, showing forth the hope for Christians that Jesus Christ did not only come as a lamb slain (Rev. 5:6), but that He will indeed c…