Gospel of John Update

The Gospel According to John--One Day At A TimeMount Arbol at the Sea of Galilee, where the gospel begins and ends.
Several have asked if I was going to add any more to the Prayer portrait and the answer is yes, but I am coming down to the wire on the Gospel of John for New Believers and to be honest I have had to devote virtually all of my non-ministerial hours to finish up the editing.

Being a self-published book, I have solicited other editors to help me and many have but even with that, I found myself editing and re-editing my work, trying to take out anything that is not just right.

Most recently, my editor has sent some further revisions of my revisions, so I will be busy with this and after my final copy is in, I will put in the final five sessions on prayer to complete that series (yes I hope that also becomes a published work as well).

Pray for the following

* Visual Bible will grant use of pictures from the film "The Gospel of John" to be used similarly to the way that it was used on johnoneday.blogspot.com .

* That all flaws and misteaks misstakes mistakes will be found before publication.

* That I will know the difference between preferences which don't need to be changed and the smallest details that will encourage new and not-so-new believers to grow in their faith through reading the Gospel of John.

* That God will open up opportunities that will convince Lifeway or another publisher to grant national distribution for the glory of God.


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