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Christian Home Week Fall, 2013 Wednesday

Give to God Your Very Best (John 12:1-8) See the film "The Gospel of John" Chapter 12 here (Please use caution as you are opening up a new page and we are not responsible for its contents) This is the season of Giving and Thanksgiving. Today's reading reminds us of the motivation for giving thanks and the costs for giving. At FBC Killeen, we are in the middle of Christian Home week. Click here for Daily Devotionals (Preview):
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Some may disagree, but I believe that there is a parallel reading of this same account in Mark 14:3-9 and Matthew 26:6-13. There it says the anointing of Jesus’ feet by Mary took place in the home of Simon the Leper. Knowing Jesus’ healing power, perhaps it should read as “Simon theformer leper.” The anointing the feet was a common practice, one Jesus was not unfamiliar with (see Luke 7:36-50 for a separate event).
Mary is again (see Luke 10:39, John 11:32) at the feet of Jes…