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Spiritual blindness

We are going through the Gospel of John in the Explore the Bible series these two quarters. For more devotionals on John, see
To see, you must first admit your blindness (John 9:26-41)
These verses reveal that Jesus healed the blind man not just to deliver him from darkness, but to show how dark sin truly is and how spiritually blind some people, even religious people, can be. Do you remember what you had to first recognize in yourself in order to be saved? You must first admit your own sinfulness and that you were helpless to save yourself.
Notice how the Pharisees continued to harass the man in whom Jesus had done a miracle. They had become so blinded that they did not know how ridiculous they sounded, even to the healed man (see his joking and incredulity in verses 27 and 30).

Judging from verse 34, what do you think was the sin that was blinding the Pharisees from the truth of Christ’s miracle? What was it that they could see in others but they could not see in…