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What Is Your Life Need?

Key Principle #11: conversion (part 1) 
Acts 9:1-30
     The first part of Acts 9 details the conversion of Saul to Christianity. Most conversions are not so stark and dramatic as his, but all have the same result. Whether you were saved at a young age or as an adult or somewhere in between, the same need or needs that led you to Christ will be similar to others who need salvation. A good way to prepare your testimony is to remember the major need in your life which led you to be saved. Then share how Christ met those needs of your life. Basic Life Needs
Before Christ: What was the need in your life that you had which led you to the realization that you needed salvation? The following are some common Life Needs that lead to salvation:  
“Fear of death”They say that there is no assurances in life except for death and taxes. I have never met anyone whose taxes actually led them to Christ, I have known many who have said that a fear of death has brought them to Christ. Death is an unknown a…