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Coining a Koinonia Communion-ity

Key Principle #6: Communion-ity (part 1)
32 Now the multitude of those who believed
were of one heart and one soul;
neither did anyone say that any
of the things he possessed was his own,
but they had all things in common.
Acts 4:32

That is not a typo in the Key Principle, it is a word I coined to convey two words that have lost their meanings due to the faultiness of the church. I could have called it simply community, but many churches today are going by “community” or “fellowship” rather than “church,” but while they may have put it in their name, they are really a church, but just going by another name. They are not a communion-ity (pronounce it like communion and then put an “-ity” at the end). Or, I could have called the key word study “communion” but that would convey the Lord’s Supper. (Many Baptists think communion is for Catholics anyway, but I know I’m writing to a lot of non-Baptists. Also, “Lord’s-Supper-ity” sounds even stranger than “communion-ity.”)
The early church did so…