God's prayer to me (part 1)

I want to speak to you during your time of prayer, because so often, you come to me and I listen and discern and even lead your words to help in changing your heart. That is what I enjoy most about your prayer times: not so much hearing  your requests and knowing what is important to you (for I already know those things but I do enjoy hearing you voice your prayers), but even more than than that, I enjoy it when your spirit and my spirit commune; how it changes your spirit. I am the lord and I change not, but you are like clay in my hands and through prayer, you receive the water of the word, the spirit and how it plows up your soul like fallow ground which had become hardened by days of drought and baking of the sun. We need drought and sun, but you also need the moisture of tears of prayers to soften your soul.

My child, listen as I speak to you. It is not uncommon to listen for the voice of God, nor is it sacrilegious. Look to the prophets of old and even of the new. I spoke and still do speak. In fact I speak all the time, but so often you, my children, run to hear from one another and not from me. Listen to my voice and grow.

I want to say that I do love you. You have been struggling with that thought of late and I want you to look into my eyes and feel my hands upon your face. Turn your eyes and ears and attention all to me when I say this: I love you. More than your mom or dad, more than your wife, or children, I love you and seek the very best for you and the best of me thorough you. When I say I want the best for you, I do not mean I want to give you the best house, or car, or income, but what I mean is that I want to be most glorified through you.  That can only come when I fully have your heart. If I choose to allow your pain or poverty or divorce or sickness or death for my glory, you shall receive a reward in heaven for what you go through in this life. As my servant said when I spoke to him, the sufferings of this present world are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed in us.

I have more to say to you, but I see you must go. Will you please come to me again tomorrow? And this time, bring a listening ear and time to stay.


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