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God's third call to me (final in this series)

This is the third time I come to speak to you. I speak to you today in only short bits and short moments of conversation, for your time is so limited with me. Please do not consider that our prayer time as a chore to curry favor with "The Almighty." Think of it as what you often said: As time to spend with the creator of the universe. Do you not know that I created the heavens and the earth? Do you want to spend an hour with the creator begging and pleading, using the same words over and over when I already know your needs?  Or do you want to stop and listen to me? I hope you care to hear from me. I will tell you to hold tight to what is good, shun what is evil and cling to that which shall endure. I am here for you. Do not seek the refuge of a vice or sin or distraction, but listen to me and see how your prayer time goes. Hearken your ears and attune them to the right frequency of prayer. Ask me questions and listen for my answers. Call to me and draw near and see what will …

God's Prayer to Me (part 2)

Hello, again, my child. I have been watching over you since we last spoke. I have been waiting until you had time to come and I listened to your every word that you said to me. Now I come to you to remind you and to ask you to please know and understand that I am in charge. I know you are in need. Of course I see what your condition is. Do not think I am unaware. Yes I see and I care. There will be a victory soon as there has been all your life.
I have heard you say like Martha and Mary said to my Son, “Oh, Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died.” I hear you say that you don’t really see the difference in me allowing something to happen and me causing something to happen. My child, there is a difference. Do you not see that you also allow things to happen but do not cause them.
I am there with you, just as I am there in death and sickness and all sorts of evil in this world. Yes, things could always be different.Could heal every time? Yes, but you have no ide…

God's prayer to me (part 1)

I want to speak to you during your time of prayer, because so often, you come to me and I listen and discern and even lead your words to help in changing your heart. That is what I enjoy most about your prayer times: not so much hearingyour requests and knowing what is important to you (for I already know those things but I do enjoy hearing you voice your prayers), but even more than than that, I enjoy it when your spirit and my spirit commune; how it changes your spirit. I am the lord and I change not, but you are like clay in my hands and through prayer, you receive the water of the word, the spirit and how it plows up your soul like fallow ground which had become hardened by days of drought and baking of the sun. We need drought and sun, but you also need the moisture of tears of prayers to soften your soul.
My child, listen as I speak to you. It is not uncommon to listen for the voice of God, nor is it sacrilegious. Look to the prophets of old and even of the new. I spoke and stil…