The Story, chapter 23

The Story, Chapter 23. Jesus’ Ministry Begins

Read the following as part of the readings from the Story, Chapter 23

     Good services today, as there were decisions in every service, including Children's Church (BLAST). As heard today, Jesus is not just a good man or even a prophet, but rather the Son of God and the Son of Man. Today we read about the beginning of Jesus' Ministry from The Story.

     The reading, which prepares us for the teaching and preaching next week, ranges from John the Baptist, the baptism and the temptation of Jesus, and the calling of the first disciples. We also see Jesus' first miracle of turning the water into wine, the conversation with Nicodemus, including the famous John 3:16, some of His miracles and the casting of John into prison.

     While it is hard to single out one overall lesson from this week's reading, as you read and share with your family, a good question to raise is "which of these stories is most important to you? Why?"

     Whatever the answer you may choose, it is likely because somehow, Jesus' story, though 2,000 years ago in another country and culture, somehow, it relates to us all. Temptation, sickness, weddings, questions, doubts, wonder, even demons and imprisonment, all gives us areas of relation to Christ.

Pray: Jesus, Anointed One, thank you for humbling yourself to my level to meet my needs, most of all my need of salvation. Walk 


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