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10,958 days ago...

Today’s publication date is exactly our 30th wedding anniversary (or 10,958 days). If I could go back and tell that newlywed couple a thing or two (or any newly or nearly married couples like my two sons), this is what I’d say.

1.Don’t major on the minors. If you read John 14, you’ll see Jesus saying “Let not your heart be troubled” not once but twice. He’s about to die and yet He says that. Unless you are about to be crucified for the world’s sins, don’t get so worked up about anything. Jesus essentially says, “Don’t sweat the big stuff.” 2.Listen twice as much as you talk. When you look in the mirror and see two ears and one mouth, think about why God did that! And both are close to the brain, so think when you listen or talk. James 1:19 says, “be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.”Hurtful words can never be unsaid. 3.Forgive quickly. Don’t hold grudges. Quick forgiveness doesn’t make you powerless, it empowers you both and takes away the power of the offense. “Hurt people hu…

Christian Home WeekFall 2013, Black Friday and Good Friday

What motivates you? John 12:3-8 What do you think motivated Mary to anoint Jesus' feet? What motivated Judas to criticize her?
Some people say, “You can judge the actions of others but you can’t judge their motives.” I am not for sure about that statement because sometimes you really can’t judge someone’s actions and sometimes you absolutely judge their motives.
You might could think Mary anointed Jesus feet because of guilt, fear, greed, selfishness, or a dozen different other reasons, but to me it seems quite obvious, she anointed Jesus simply out of gratitude and love. 
Judas’s motives in stating that the money could have been used for the poor could have been out of a sincere heart that he cared for the poor, and even though he loved Jesus deeply, he was simply curious on why Mary didn’t think about using the money it cost for the ointment.
See what I mean? Maybe not always but sometimes you can discern what people’s motivations are.
What about you? The reason why they call it Black …

Christian Home Week, Fall 2013 Thanksgiving Day

Martha, Martha, Martha! Luke 10: 38-42 It’s more than interesting that in the Gospels’ depiction of Mary, Martha and Lazarus, two of the narratives include food. The Bible speaks a lot about feasting and the enjoyment of food. At Thanksgiving, more than any other holiday, food and family are the centerpieces of the holiday, perhaps even more than giving of thanks.
Personally, I like Martha. In fact, I think I am married to Martha. My wife loves to serve, prepare, fix food, and of course share her food. There are few and I mean truly few times that I fast from food but I do believe I would fast more if I were not married to a Martha (those who know me know my wife is actually Melissa). Just when I am in the midst of a fast, she not only prepares a sumptuous and savory meal, but she persuades me to eat (she suddenly goes from a Martha to something more akin to the serpent!) I on the other hand am a Mary (and for those who know me know that my name is actually Tim). I love to sit at the fe…

Christian Home Week Fall, 2013 Wednesday

Give to God Your Very Best (John 12:1-8) See the film "The Gospel of John" Chapter 12 here (Please use caution as you are opening up a new page and we are not responsible for its contents) This is the season of Giving and Thanksgiving. Today's reading reminds us of the motivation for giving thanks and the costs for giving. At FBC Killeen, we are in the middle of Christian Home week. Click here for Daily Devotionals (Preview):
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Friday Day 6
Some may disagree, but I believe that there is a parallel reading of this same account in Mark 14:3-9 and Matthew 26:6-13. There it says the anointing of Jesus’ feet by Mary took place in the home of Simon the Leper. Knowing Jesus’ healing power, perhaps it should read as “Simon theformer leper.” The anointing the feet was a common practice, one Jesus was not unfamiliar with (see Luke 7:36-50 for a separate event).
Mary is again (see Luke 10:39, John 11:32) at the feet of Jes…

Christian Home Week Fall 2013, Tuesday

Loose him and let him go (John 11:41-57) This is Christian Home Week at FBC Killeen, a week in which we cancel all evening activities to encourage families to concentrate on our most important ministry: Our homes. The past few days of devotionals, we've seen one of the few families in the gospels, the family of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. As we look towards Thanksgiving, it may be a time of reflection of those who have passed from this life into eternity. It is good to give pause, give thanks and as we saw yesterday, fall at the feet of Jesus in our loss of loved ones, knowing that for believers, we will be reunited with them in glory. When Lazarus was raised from the dead, it was a symbol of Jesus’ power of resurrection and the power of new life. One day, all believers will be raised up from the dead. It will not matter whether our bodies "stinketh", are decayed, were cremated or were totally eliminated. The resurrection will be God’s work and God’s glory (verses 4 and 40)…

Christian Home Week Fall 2013, Monday

At the feet of Jesus (John 11:28-40)

An interesting study is one of Mary and Martha. Mary is frequently pictured at the feet of Jesus, while Martha is shown as busily working. John identified Mary in verse 2 to the future event when Mary would wash the Master’s feet. There was another time when Mary was at the feet of Jesus…
Read Luke 10:38-42. Which does Jesus say is more important, hearing from Him or doing for Him?
Which of the following is true? A) Serving God is bad B) Business can distract us from hearing from God C) People should only listen to God.
While both serving God and listening to God are both important, oftentimes we want to work for God rather than taking the time to listen to Him.
In John 11:21and 32, both Mary and Martha said the same thing. It is likely that they had been complaining about Jesus’ delay. Martha “the doer” went to talk to Jesus. Verse 20 says, “But Mary stayed seated in the house.” Describe the emotions that Mary must have felt?

Christian Home Week Fall 2013, Sunday

He’s an On-Time God (John 11:1-6)

Watch the story of the family tragedy and triumph from the Gospel of John here
 (Please use caution as you are opening up a new page and we are not responsible for its contents)
Today, we begin Christian Home Week centering on the Home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Last Friday, all the news agencies were focusing on the 50th Anniversary of President John F. Kennedy. The untimely death of anyone, but especially a young president full of charisma and hope, makes even the firmest of believers questioning the presence, power, and compassion of God and His timing. A new book states that a series of events could have prevented Kennedy's death; how much more could so many seemingly senseless deaths and tragedies be prevented if only God would intervene?

When Jesus left Jerusalemin John 10, verse 39 says that again the leaders sought to take Jesus, “but He escaped out of their hand.” Jesus had previously said He was not going to Jerusalem (John 7) and for go…

Christian Home Week Fall 2013: Preview

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life (John 11:1-27)
The Story of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, part 1 (Please use caution as you are opening up a new page and we are not responsible for its contents)

We have seen a lot of death in the past few weeks at FBC Killeen. Part of my testimony is that it was the death of my father when I was four and grandfather when I was six that led me to my Christian salvation. It was also the death of my parents at such a young age in their early 30s that led me to go into the ministry. If you are parents of young children, you may think death is too strong of a topic to discuss, but based on my testimony I would disagree. Children need to know about death and more importantly, the victory of Christ over the grave.

A natural place to turn to is John Chapter 11. But too often in this chapter, many readers will rush to see Jesus “resurrect” Lazarus (actually Lazarus is not truly resurrected, but raised from the dead). There are several lessons that we can learn…

Spiritual blindness

We are going through the Gospel of John in the Explore the Bible series these two quarters. For more devotionals on John, see
To see, you must first admit your blindness (John 9:26-41)
These verses reveal that Jesus healed the blind man not just to deliver him from darkness, but to show how dark sin truly is and how spiritually blind some people, even religious people, can be. Do you remember what you had to first recognize in yourself in order to be saved? You must first admit your own sinfulness and that you were helpless to save yourself.
Notice how the Pharisees continued to harass the man in whom Jesus had done a miracle. They had become so blinded that they did not know how ridiculous they sounded, even to the healed man (see his joking and incredulity in verses 27 and 30).

Judging from verse 34, what do you think was the sin that was blinding the Pharisees from the truth of Christ’s miracle? What was it that they could see in others but they could not see in…